How to Make Your Bed Feel Like a Luxury Hotel

luxury bed

If you have ever stayed in a luxury hotel, you’ll have enjoyed the indulgent look and feel of the bed. Many luxury hotels favour Hypnos beds, but it’s not all about the brand of bed they choose. There’s a lot more to a perfect bed in a luxury hotel. If looking at your bed at home makes you disappointed in comparison, you can do something about it. You don’t have to stay in a 5-star hotel to get a 5-star bed. If you have time to make your bed with a bit of extra flair, it can give you a luxurious night’s sleep and look fantastic during the day too. Here’s what you need to achieve that glamorous feel.


Start with a Mattress


While you want your bed to look great, making sure it feels amazing should be your top priority. A quality mattress will help you sleep better, as well as making your bed look better. Modern mattresses mean you have a great choice, from memory foam to latex layers. It’s worth investing in a mattress that’s going to last you for years. On top of your mattress, there are some accessories you can add for extra comfort. A mattress protector will do just what its name suggests, plus add a soft layer. A featherbed will have you sinking into the mattress, and a sheet protector will help your sheets last longer.


Focus on Sheets


Quality sheets aren’t all about the thread count. There are other things to consider to ensure they look and feel gorgeous. One of the things you should consider is using flat sheets instead of fitted ones. They might be a bit more fiddly to put on, but they will last for longer. The elastic can start to go in a fitted sheet, and you don’t want it to end up like an old pair of saggy pants. If you want to make your sheets look as smooth as anything, take the time to iron them too. Take an iron to your duvet cover and pillowcases as well.


Learn How to Do Hospital Corners


Almost every hotel you’ve ever been to is sure to have had tucked in sheets. In fact, sometimes they’re a little too tucked in, and it’s a struggle to get into the bed. If you want your bedding to be so tightly tucked in you can bounce a coin off it, you need to learn hospital corners. It’s not a skill that a lot of people learn nowadays, unless they actually work in a hospital. But if you have flat sheets, you need to learn how to do them.


Invest in Your Duvet and Pillows


A lumpy duvet and pillows can let the side down, so it’s worth investing in them. Feather or down filling is less likely to become uneven. If you have allergies, you can still use alternatives that are comfortable and long-lasting. Make sure to fluff up your pillows to keep them looking sumptuously soft.


Creating a 5-star bed is all about making the right choices. A little extra time, and sometimes money, can make all the difference.


by Brian Cooper