About Our Brands – Hypnos

Hypnos provide bespoke beds, deluxe comfort and fantastic value for money. The aim behind the Hypnos brand is to provide a better quality of sleep for their buyers. That’s why we are proud to stock their full range of beds.

A Little About The Company

Hypnos is a family run business that has a long history on the market, dating back decades. The beds they sell are handmade in Buckinghamshire workshops. This means that it’s difficult to match the level of quality you’ll find from their beds.

One of their aims is to provide a comfortable bed made of sustainable materials that will last for years. They take pride in making sure that all the beds they make and design are of top quality and use skills that they have gathered over four generations, spanning one hundred years, selling their products. Indeed, the first beds they sold were purchased in the Edwardian era. As such, in many ways, when you buy a Hypnos bed you’re experiencing a part of history.

A Variety Of Beds To Choose From

If you visit our showroom, you’ll find that some of the best Hypnos beds are on display here. You can try them yourselves and find out which one would give you the best night of rest. There are plenty to view from the Premiere Inn Bed, Orthos Cashmere and Hide Away Divan Space Saving range.

We think that there’s a Hypnos bed that will be perfect for any hotel room. Whether you want the comfort of a hotel bed or a fantastic design for storage, you’ll find the choice is easy with Hypnos.

Why We Love The Hypnos Brand

Hypnos is just one of the many bed brands that we love. What makes them unique is the level of personal care that they provide. Since all their beds are handmade, you can guarantee that any bed you buy will be perfectly put together and designed. We think the personal touch is also apparent in the overall feel of the beds on offer from this company. We think you’ll understand what we mean by this when you try one out for yourself.

Their Vision

Once you know this brand like we do, you’ll discover that the company is built around several key visions and values. We have already mentioned a few of these such as fantastic customer service and a commitment to using sustainable, environmentally friendly materials. However, Hypnos are also focused on ensuring that their business maintains its integrity.

To do this, they explore and investigate each supplier they work with carefully. Their aim is to make sure that they are in no way tied or contributing to modern forms of slavery. As such, if you buy a Hypnos product you will know that you are buying a product that has been ethically produced.

If you are interested in purchasing a Hypnos bed, make sure to check out the information on the rest of our website. Or, alternatively, you can stop by our store, lie down on one and experience the true comfort of handmade crafting.

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