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Slumberland Beds & Mattress

The Bed Shop is proud to offer Slumberland mattresses and beds in our Leicestershire showroom. Slumberland is a staple in the UK’s mattress and bed industry thanks to their years of experience and expertise creating the most comfortable and long-lasting bedding that you’ll find.

Slumberland Vintage Collection

The Vintage Collection offers some of the most comfortable beds that you’ll ever sleep on. Thanks to their many years of experience and innovation, Slumberland has always been at the forefront of taking your sleep to a whole new level and the difference between their Vintage Collection mattresses and other lesser manufacturers is immediately noticeable.


The Platinum Seal, their most prodigious Vintage Collection mattress, offers their innovative Pocketed Posture Springing system that will give you maximum support and minimises disruptions from your partner. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Copper Seal mattress is outstanding value for money. It still contains Slumberland’s Pocketed Posture Springs to help support your body but at a much lower and more affordable price. Slumberland’s Vintage mattresses come in a choice of different designs and colours in addition to their 8-year guarantee.


To go with the mattresses, we also stock Slumberland’s sturdy divan bases to go with your mattress. They come in several different heights, colours and also come with a host of different storage solutions.

Slumberland Harmony Collection

Slumberland also offers a unique collection known as the Harmony Collection. They simplify the process of choosing a mattress by offering various different feelings thanks to the components they use. With three distinct kinds of support, you’ll want to come down to The Bed Shop so you can try each of them out for yourself. It’s not just a case of soft or firm either like other bed manufacturers. With Slumberland Harmony Collection, you’ll notice the differences between each bed and mattress the moment you lay on it. Who knew that such a simple change like swapping your mattress could have such a huge impact on your health and life?


The Harmony Collection contains over 20 different styles and they all have distinctly different advantages. For example, the Beauty Mattress is designed to give you a healthy night’s sleep and comes in a variety of colour schemes. On the other hand, the Divine Mattress adapts to the pressure of your body to help you sleep more comfortably and cooler with added support. The Bliss Mattress is a deep and firm orthopaedic mattress that promises to enhance your sleep and also your wellbeing. With so many different choices on offer, it’s best to come down to The Bed Shop so you can try them all out for yourself.


You also have a choice of four different bases to fit your Harmony Collection mattress. With several different height options and choices for storage, you’re bound to find something to fit your room and your needs.

Come And Visit Us On Market Street

Come down and visit us at our Leicestershire bed showroom so you can get up close and personal with Slumberland’s famous mattresses. Alternatively, you can contact our friendly team at 01530 416660 and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and arrange the right bed and mattress for you.